Sunday Evening Blues

Advertisements I get that feeling, where you haven’t done enough with your weekend, and there’s still so much coming up this week. It’s a hard one! It’s even worse when you’re trying to plan a wedding and having to contact vendors. That’s why we try to make ourselves as available as possible outside of the… Continue reading Sunday Evening Blues

Your Big Day

Advertisements Planning a wedding can be so stressful! That’s part of why we want to create a stress-free environment for you to plan your wedding wear, without the pressure of having to have it be the perfect idea right away. I know that when I was getting married, my biggest stressor was my dress. I’m… Continue reading Your Big Day

Progress updates!

Advertisements We are hard at work, preparing for three events now! Not only are we giving you the line launch on September 19, and the membership comes out the following day on the 20th, we are now working towards the 3rd Annual Black Hills Bridal Market! This will be at the Monument (Formerly known as… Continue reading Progress updates!

Content Ahoy!

Advertisements We are so excited for you to be able to access our members only area! We are planning on releasing the page at midnight MDT (11PM PST/2AM Eastern.) We plan on getting additional content once the page is up and running, but what we currently have is one huge post! I wish I could… Continue reading Content Ahoy!