Your Big Day

Planning a wedding can be so stressful! That’s part of why we want to create a stress-free environment for you to plan your wedding wear, without the pressure of having to have it be the perfect idea right away.

I know that when I was getting married, my biggest stressor was my dress. I’m on the bigger side, so I was worried that standard shops wouldn’t have my size! Plus, being short meant that it would be even harder to find something that fit just right. That’s one of the benefits of designing a custom gown- you’re never going to have to worry that you’re too big or too small, too tall or too short. We want you to feel as gorgeous as you deserve to feel on your big day.

This reasoning is part of why we have so many different models at A Mouse and Rose Bridal- we want to show off every body type because every body type deserves a perfect gown! I am so excited for our upcoming photo shoot. I am hard at work making sure that every detail is just as I want it on each dress. I want to showcase dresses that have had as much love as your dress would have if it were for your wedding!

Consultations with us will always be free. You shouldn’t have to worry about paying for a service that might not work out- we may not always have 100% of the answers, whether our lace options aren’t quite right, or you just don’t feel confident in our work, we want you to make the decisions that are best for you and your big day.

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