Progress updates!

We are hard at work, preparing for three events now! Not only are we giving you the line launch on September 19, and the membership comes out the following day on the 20th, we are now working towards the 3rd Annual Black Hills Bridal Market!

This will be at the Monument (Formerly known as the Civic Center) in Rapid City, South Dakota, on Thursday, October 14th from 5-8PM (Or 17:00-20:00 for those who prefer military time!) We will be featuring three dresses- one from this new line launch, one completely new one, and whatever my sister happens to feel like modelling- possibly new, possibly old. (Gotta love teenagers!)

We hope that we can see you there, and that if you do come, you’ll stop by our booth! We’re always so excited to meet new faces!

Here are a few pictures of stuff we’ve been working on lately!

Some hand gathered tulle!
The other side of the hand gathered tulle!
A close up of a veil from our last photo shoot- we’ve been working on sprucing her up!

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