Content Ahoy!

We are so excited for you to be able to access our members only area! We are planning on releasing the page at midnight MDT (11PM PST/2AM Eastern.) We plan on getting additional content once the page is up and running, but what we currently have is one huge post! I wish I could tell you what it’s about, but that would ruin the surprise!

I’m hoping that you’re all just as excited about this as I am, because there is going to be some really fun stuff! What are you most excited about? #dresstips, #venuelove, or #fundaysunday? (I am personally most excited for #fundaysunday! Quizzes are totally my jam!)

Additionally, our big photo shoot is approaching! We are so excited to bring you our coolest ideas and best photo shoot yet! We’ve got lots of small details to figure out and can’t wait until you’re going to see them!

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