Wedding Dress Woes

There are two rough parts of figuring out your wedding dress. The first is “What do I even want to wear??” and the second is “How much is this going to cost me?”

Finding your dream dress might be what you want to do first, but the most important thing to do is sit down with your fiancĂ© and figure out your rough ballpark for the budget of your dress. The average wedding dress costs about $1,000, but they can go for much more or somewhat less. At big box stores, you can get dresses for as low as $200 in some places, but looking at a designer like Pnina Tornai can run into the thousands of dollars. So it’s good to sit down and hammer out an actual physical number to spend on your dress, and don’t forget about the cost of alterations and specialty underwear for the event as well! They can run your budget up quickly.

Another thing to consider when in the initial planning stage is if you want to work with a designer. Typically, brides will want to avoid doing this as there is a huge cost associated with it, but there are options out there like A Mouse and Rose Bridal, that offer low cost dress options, falling below the national average for all dresses, while still being a custom dress. This may be something to discuss with your partner about the viability of this as well, as it allows for more unique options than a big box store will.

Example of a custom dress made by A Mouse and Rose Bridal. A dress like this costs around $600.

Now it’s time to sit down and figure out exactly what kind of dress you want! In our free bridal guide, we cover this step by step, but we’ll go over a quick overview again here! The first thing to do is pick out the shape of your dress. Anything from a ballgown to a short, tea length gown is a viable option! Let your imagination, and heart, run wild here. You may find it useful to google pictures of a variety of kinds of dresses.

The next step is to pick out your neckline and finally pick your extra details. These extras may come into play more when you’re dealing with your seamstress, so don’t worry too much if you can’t find them in your initial dress. Things like pockets being added and bustling are exactly what a seamstress does!

Finally, it’s time to actually go to shops and try on dresses. Don’t be afraid to try on a dress that you don’t think will suit you, as you may be completely surprised as to the results! Once you have your dress, it’s time to pay and arrange for alterations! Bravo! You made it through picking out your wedding dress!

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