Little Things to Theme Your Wedding

Themed weddings are often considered to be tacky, which is completely unfortunate because they can be done so well! You don’t have to go all out wearing a matching dress to Belle from Beauty and the Beast, or have a Han and Leia matching get up to have a themed wedding. Here are a few small ways to incorporate a theme into your wedding.

Grooms cake

Though many people won’t even have a grooms cake, it is an option to add in extra flair for your wedding. For example, at my wedding my husband chose to have a cake that was designed to look like the layout of the first board game we bought together. This was particularly meaningful as we met at our local board game store.

Cake Topper

This is a photo of my actual wedding cake!

Another example is using your cake topper to express the side of you that you’re excited about! It’s one of the more traditional ways that people have expressed themselves at their wedding.

Theme Music

When the bride and groom enter the reception hall, many couples play music to announce their entry. You can even show off the little ways that your friends are nerdy by letting them pick their own entry music as well! We had the theme from Portal the video game, music from Harry Potter, and two Star Wars songs to enter with!

Table Names

Not everyone names their tables, but it’s another small way to bring your theme in without being overly pushy about it. For example, you could have song title names, superhero names, or bird names! There are tons of ways you can customize this option without it coming off as incredibly tacky.

Thank You Notes

As a last little way of showing your geeky side, you can send out themed thank you notes. This may be something to consider before your wedding so you aren’t waiting ages for specialty thank you notes to come in.

Whatever you choose to do, always remember that the most important part of your wedding is that it’s true to you!

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