All About Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Having your friends around you on your big day is one of the best feelings. You get to celebrate with the people that mean most to you! This can also be a source of stress, and there’s no shame in that! You’re coordinating a group of people and there are bound to be some struggles related to it. One of the biggest points of contention for most weddings is the cost, and this area is no different.

Some brides choose to pay for their bridesmaid’s dresses, which can easily bring up the bill. According to The Knot, a popular wedding blog, the average bridesmaid dress cost $142! That’s before alterations, specialty lingerie, or shoes! You can see how this can quickly become a huge monetary commitment for either the bridesmaid or the bride! Plus, there’s always the factor of “will they like it,” which many brides take strongly into consideration.

One of the ways to alleviate the concern about whether or not the bridesmaids will like their dresses is the modern trend of giving them a color or colors to pick from, and finding a dress that matches. Many brides feel that the whole “Matchy-matchy” thing is over-rated and feel that their bridesmaids personalities can come through better this way. This is particularly great for more relaxed boho type weddings!

There’s also a trend among designers to create dresses that can be worn in multiple ways, allowing for the same dress to be purchased for all of the bridesmaids without them all looking the same! These dresses tend to be a little more expensive, though, because of the way they’re made. This can work really well for brides who don’t want the complete matching look, but still want a basic similarity beyond just color.

The most traditional bridesmaid look, though, is the classic “This is your dress.” This can make it easier on the bride, as she doesn’t have to approve each look that a bridesmaid may have, and it can take some pressure off of the bridesmaid because they don’t have to pick anything out except for their size. Some brides shy away from this because not every person looks good in the same thing, and it can be difficult to make everyone happy when they’re all wearing the same dress.

Shoes can be another sticky spot. With so many options, it can be hard to find the perfect pair, and even then, not everyone will agree. What I found helpful was giving a vague approximation of a shoe style, and letting my bridesmaids run with it. They all wore completely appropriate footwear, but I didn’t feel like I was boxing them in or risking them being completely uncomfortable on a day that should be for celebrating. Our list of styling for bridesmaid dresses can work for picking out their shoes as well! It’s all about what fits best with your wedding style!

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