Work in Progress

This weekend, after being snowed in by about a foot of snow, I’ve been working on a fun new project for a client! She requested a tuxedo jacket with tails in black and purple! I thought that this would be an excellent time to show you all part of my process!

Here I started with the back of the jacket. I use old paper bags from shopping to make patterns as I am constantly worried about ripping them with pattern paper. This particular piece can be lengthened and shortened as needed by adding more pieces to the middle of the back.

Here you can see that back piece again, this time with an added section for length, and the front has been added as well. What I’ll do with this pattern is cut two out of the wool and satin lining I’m using, and make a pattern for the waistcoat which will be done out of purple and black satin. I typically don’t make patterns for sleeves as it’s one of those things I just instinctively know sizing on.

So that was a little insight on how I make patterns and use them to make the pieces I make for A Mouse and Rose Bridal!

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