Winter Weddings

During this freezing time of the year in the Midwest, I figure that it’s a good idea to cover the great “covers” for this weather! Having a winter wonderland wedding can be one of the most beautiful wedding types out there, but it certainly is one of the coldest. Consider one of these to help keep you warm during your ceremony!

Warm Bolero

This item can be as warm as it is stylish! It is a long sleeve jacket with a short back. You can have it made of many different fabrics to help keep yourself warm! This can also be an option for weddings during other seasons as you can add a touch of modesty or sun protection during warm months!

Fur Shawl

You can pick either a faux fur or a vintage fur item to help keep you warm. This is especially great for if you want a vintage look to your wedding day!

A Jacket

You could have a coat with a hood or without it, and it can match your dress or perhaps match your wedding colors! Picking a coat is a good way to be able to integrate a special memory into more everyday situations too! You’ll be able to reuse this coat for quite some time and remember those moments forever! This is also a great gift to bridesmaids for a winter wedding!

A Cape

This can be done in a number of ways, from a thin chiffon cape to a full flannel or velvet cloak! This is a great option for a day when you aren’t sure what the weather will be as they are simple to put on and take off again. Another option is having a hood or not to keep your head warm!


There are a wide range of types of boots out there, and with winter weather, the warmer the better! You don’t want your toes freezing off when you’re trying to celebrate the happiest day in your life!


From thin lace gloves to thicker silk or leather gloves, you can have a wide range of options with gloves as well. This is an easy way to make sure that your fingers will still be warm enough to put the ring on your spouses’ finger when it comes time! You wouldn’t want to be too cold to do that!

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