5 Simple Steps to Perfect Wedding Stationary

Picking out your stationary can be a tough task. From handmade to printing company, colors, what to include, and more, this can be a monumental challenge early in your wedding planning process. Hopefully these five simple tasks help to reduce the stress.

  1. Have your wedding colors picked out: This seems like the most obvious of the tasks; you want to have your colors picked out before doing anything in the wedding planning process. It makes it much easier to visualize your stationary when you have an idea of what colors you’ll be using.
  2. Decide how you’re going to make your stationary: There are a variety of options here. You could go with a major printing company, doing either self designed, or selected from a premade template. Another option would be to hire someone to hand-make your invitations. This can add a personal touch to your invitations that printed just can’t offer. There are many places to search for this such as Etsy, or even looking on Facebook. A third option would be to hand write the invitations yourself. This is the most time consuming option, but could very well be the least expensive. If you’re looking to cut costs and aren’t inviting many guests, this may be a viable option for you.
  3. Decide what you’re including: Not all invites have the same stuff! I personally chose to forego save the dates for my wedding and sent out the invites earlier than usual because of that. Save the dates are a good way to share your engagement photos as well as sending out a heads up that you’re going to invite them to your wedding, giving them ample time to request time off if they intend to go to your wedding. The level of formality when it comes to invites depends on how formal your wedding is going to be. An informal or themed wedding might see invitations that are far less structured than a traditional Catholic ceremony. When you send your invitation, whether you’ve chosen to do Save the Dates or not, you need to include an RSVP card with your address (and usually a stamp) already labeled on the envelope. This way, people have minimal effort to tell you they’re coming! Some things you might want to include on an RSVP card are the number of guests coming, meal requests for vegetarians or vegans, or song requests so they can get down to their favorite jams!
  4. Decide on your fonts: Now that you’ve decided what is going into the invite, you can now really decide how the stationary will look. Deciding the fonts will give you a better idea of how much space your text is going to take up on your paper.
  5. Decide on the extras: Do you want an embossed monogram on your paper? Do you want little flowers in the corner, or maybe something to go with your theme running along the sides? Any way you want to get creative and unique, this would be the time. Remember, though, that not all formats will support every option. You may have to reevaluate the option you’ve chosen to be certain that it’s the best one for you. Get down with your funky self here- it doesn’t all have to be about the logistics, it can really show how your wedding is going to feel. More traditional weddings may want to opt for more traditional items, such as a dove, or even no additional accents, just the paper and lettering.

Whatever you decide to do with your invites, just remember that the wedding is, most importantly, about celebrating the love between you and your spouse. This is just one little way to showcase your personalities.

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