Black Dresses

I had such a fun time with our black dress photo shoot! It was cold, and I was worried about our lighting, but it was such a great time with the models! I’ve included my two favorite pictures from the shoot in this post. I’m hoping to do more themed shoots this upcoming year! I think that my favorite item from this set is the black tulle and rose gold lace veil. There’s such a dramatic difference between the two that I just fell in love right away. (That veil is still for sale, in case anyone else fell in love too!)

Two black wedding dresses, one featuring red lace appliques, the other just the black satin. The red applique dress is paired with a Russian tulle birdcage veil with a large red flower. The plain black dress features the rose gold lace veil.
The black satin dress from above with a better view of the rose gold lace veil.

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